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Quality assurance strategy


a. Objectives

       Training quality is the primary goal and school must always have self-reflection, quality testing by using multiple methods and sources of information to find out solutions for the appropriate adjustment, with the aim of improving training quality. Quality testing should focus on training objectives, performance, human resources, technical facilities and preparations for the next phase to ensure successful implementation of the strategy.


b. Solutions

- Verification of training quality are carried out in accordance with quality accreditation regulation of  Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs No. 02/2008/QĐ -BTBXH dated 17/01/2008 consisting of  9 criteria: objectives and missions, organization and management, teaching and learning, teachers and managers, programs and textbooks, library, facilities, teaching equipment, finance management and services for vocational trainees.

- Testing according to market investigation and assessment by regularly collecting numbers, categories taken by graduates, level of work completion. Gathering opinions of companies and production establishments about training trades, quality ... through questionnaires and customer conference...

- Developing a model of organization and quality management to periodically test according to the criteria of the Ministry of Labor - Invalids and Social Affairs and BS5750 / ISO 9000 model or overall quality management model: recruitment quality; quality of training organization; quality of trained human resources.



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