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I.    History of development:

- When the college was newly established, Administration group was the precursor of Life administration department.

- In late 1962, Administration department was established by the college with the mission of building facilities in the college, buying properties, assets and foods providing in place for staffs and students in the college; being resposible for serving meals for students whenever they did internships, etc.

- In late 1987, Administration department together with Organization department have been merged into Organization administration department with the mission of being in charge of organization, administration and life. 

- In early 2002, the department was separated from Organization administration department and was named Life administration department with the mission of serving meals, maintaining environment sanitation, managing classroom services, health care, preventing diseases and ensuring electric-water system for the whole college.

- In January, 2015, Permanent project group was merged into Life administration department. The department was added fuction – mission as well as work force.

II. Function and mission

1. Function

            - Calling for investment and aid projects to build the college. Implementing and managing new project investing for construction, home and construction repair project.

- Serving meals, maintaining environment and classroom sanitation.

            - Implementing health care, disease prevention.

            - Managing the operation of electric-water supply system.

2. Mission

            - Implementing and managing comprehensive project invested under current regime to conducting VCAM construction plan approved by Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

            - Verifying and reporting all verifications of documents arising during tender for construction and goods procurement under the current engime.

- Building plan of big repair, home and construction repair. Implementing from doing economic – technical reports, design, cost estimate to excuting, inspecting approved contents.

+ Drafting documents listed as below:

- Decisions on establishment of project management boards, bidding council, bidding marking consultant groups, councils responsible for directly selecting and procuring materials, equipment supporting construction repair and building.

- Bidding documents – direct procurement, reports on result of bidding marking – direct procurement, statement of approving bidding results – direct procurement buying materials and assets serving construction repair and building.

- Decisions on bid approval – direct procument, materials and assets serving construction repair and building.

- Statements, official documents, documents managing techique, contract, contract liquidation related to repair and building.

- Organizing, managing and implementing food services for staffs, teachers and students as well as other conferences of the college ensuring food safety requirements.

- Organizing the implementation of health propaganda, education and care, disease prevention to staffs and students;

- Maintaining sanitation of areas of lecture room, practical workshop; managing care for tree, environment sanitation meeting the pedagogic environment requirements.

- Managing, following and operating electric-water and sanitation system of the 6-floor-building of Rector Board.

- Maintaining sanitation and caring for bonsai in the campus in front of the 3-floor- building and the college hall;

- Maintaining sanitation and caring for bonsai in the 6-floor-building.

            - Managing, operating and maintaining electric and water supply system of the college.

            - Being responsible for coordinating with functional units to check, maintain and repair facilities, electric and water system in the college.

            - Controlling properties of the unit and all of classrooms in the college;

            - Conducting activities related to medical insurance for students.

- Other tasks required by Rectors Board.

III.  Achievements:

- Certificate of merit of Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development in 2004, 2006, 2009, 2010, 2011.

- Certificate of merit of People’s Committee of Vinh Phuc province in 2005, 2012.

IV. List of cadres





Pham Van Le

Deputy Head


Nguyen Thi Thu Hien

Deputy Head


Nguyen Thi Huong Lan



Nguyen Xuan Ly

Group leader


Vu Thi Huong



Nguyen Viet Cuong



Nguyen Ba Thanh



Nguyen Thi Nhung



Luong Ngoc Lan



Dang Cao Cuong




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