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Information about business trip of school leaders in United Kingdom

Within the framework of a joint project between the General Directorate of Vocational Training and the British Council on the development of quality assurance systems at some colleges which are focused on investing into high quality schools; The delegation included leaders and staffs of 03 colleges namely Vocational College of Agricultural Mechanics; Hue Industrial College and Vinh Technical Education College have been working in the United Kingdom from 16/5/2017 to 25/5/2017.

     When being in London, the delegation visited, worked and discussed with partner Westminster Kingway College (WKC), WKC is the leading vocational colleges in the UK and is one of the four schools in CCCG group (The Capital City College Group) in the UK.


The delegation working with Mr. Raj Kakiay – Executive of CCCT, Ms. Seungeun Chang – Head of International Cooperation and Ms. Kirsty Mclaren - International Cooperation consultant

When working with schools belonging CCCG group, the delegation was introduced to the UK vocational education system, sharing the relationship between governments, businesses and schools (where businesses are always regarded as the center of these relationships), Sharing about the quality assurance system at WKC (in which students are always the center of this system).


 The delegation working with Ms. Angela Edwards, Head of Quality Assurance of WKC

The goal of the partnership project with Westminster Kingway College is to build and develop quality assurance systems at three colleges in Vietnam, including Vocational college of Agricultural Mechanics.

A workshop on the UK vocational training system was held with the participation of Mr. Bui Van Ga - Vice Minister of Education and Training; Mr. Mac Van Tien - representative of the General Directorate of Vocational Training; Ms. Van Anh - British Council; On the UK side, there were representatives of associations including: Business Association, Association of Colleges; OFQUAL Association.

The delegation taking photos with Ms. Stella Da Silva, expert on training and assessing teachers’ pedagogy

Editor: Phan Ha Giang

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